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Get a protective black oxide finish in Rochester

With the professional finishing services provided by Fauth Finishing Inc, you'll never have to worry about corrosion again! You can protect your metal parts and components from oxidation, impact and other weathering elements to ensure optimal longevity and durability. We perform a variety of services that allow us to finish most common metal surfaces.
Stacked copper spiral parts in Rochester

Copper and brass

While the black oxide finishing process generally requires a ferrous, non-plated surface, Fauth Finishing Inc can effectively finish a variety of materials. Copper and brass surfaces can also be finished with the trademarked EBONOL-C process, which yields the same reliable results as for iron!

Black oxide finishes

Black oxide finishes provide the best balance of durability, consistency and performance for the cost on the market. The process is a chemical reaction wherein a metal surface is converted into magnetite through exposure to a hot caustic soda bath. After the blackening has taken place, the finish is sealed with a coat of oil, wax or lacquer which is absorbed and incorporated into the new porous surface layer. This application infuses metal parts with superior resistance to corrosive elements. 

Stainless steel

Despite its name, stainless steel isn't actually immune to corrosion. At Fauth Finishing Inc, we offer options to greatly improve the long-term performance of stainless steel parts and components. Our black oxide finishing process can be modified to include sulfur salts that make blackening possible. Alternatively, we can perform surface passivation, which forms a super-thin oxide layer that shields the raw metal beneath from reacting with oxygen and being turned to rust.
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